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Dessert Table Menu

Not everyone needs a cake for every occasion! Sometimes, you want to give your friend some cookies, you'd rather have a cheesecake or pie, or you want to mail a care package to your family member in another state. We'd like to introduce to you our new Dessert Table Menu! These are items that you can get on short notice for yourself, a party, a wedding, or other event to be able to fill the dessert table. Some of these items can also be mailed to friends and family in other states. This menu will be updated often, so feel free to ask or check back for new updates! Our cakes and other baked goods contain gluten by default. Please let us know of any allergies when ordering so we can accommodate. Additional charges may incur for gluten free and other alterations. We use ingredients that are vegan, organic, and free-trade to provide you with the best desserts for you and the planet!

PLEASE NOTE: Almond milk will be the non-dairy milk choice that is used for any items requiring milk since it is more readily available. Nut free will be provided upon request for nut allergens.


Large Dessert Table Options

Classic Banana Bread Loaf

Chocolate Banana Bread Loaf

Blueberry Coffee Cake



Small Dessert Items 

Mini Classic Banana Bread Loaf 

Mini Chocolate Banana Bread Loaf

Mini Blueberry Coffee Cake

Mini Tarts

Mini Cheesecakes


Cake Pops/Bites/Shooters



  • Red Velvet

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Double Chocolate Chunk

  • Lemon

  • Banana Oat


**Please note that all packages are sent out on a Monday (or Tuesday if there is a holiday) to allow the greatest likelihood of getting to it's destination in under 3 business days. Once it leaves the premises, it is in the control of USPS. A tracking number will be provided to the email attached to your invoice when the label is printed. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your order. We do not offer international shipping as it usually takes too long for items to get through customs for baked goods.**

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